We are storytellers and in order to produce engaging films & videos we need to start with the best creative. We help direct-to-brand clients fully realize their vision; from concept creation or by taking an existing creative pitch to the next level. We help clients craft great stories and we elevate the material. Through outline and script writing services as well as storyboarding, Liars & Thieves helps you tell your story in the smartest most engaging way possible.



For every story we tell, we assemble a curated top-notch team of talented filmmakers to compose and capture your story. Our producers plan and execute on every detail, creating a client facing production setting that integrate feedback loops and deliver on expectations.



Liars & Thieves was founded with a deep appreciation for the importance of editorial in honing and delivering impactful storytelling. That’s why we’ve built our studio around a client-friendly edit suite where a large team can gather to review cuts and provide feedback in person. We also work with trusted partners for everything necessary to carry a project across the finish line, including: VFX, Motion Graphics, Animation, Color Correction, and Sound Design/Mix.