The American economy could face significant and widespread disruptions from climate change unless we take immediate action to reduce climate risk, according to a new report, Risky Business: The Economic Risks of Climate Change in the United States. The report took a unique approach to the climate problem, projecting current trends to identify areas of risk and providing actionable advice without laying blame for the causes of climate change. The measured approach caught the eye of U.S. policymakers and business heavyweights, including Henry Paulson (former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury), Michael Bloomberg (former mayor of New York City), and Tom Steyer (founder of Farallon Capital Management).

Liars & Theives director Josh Murphy created a somber palette for interviews with the report's principals. Editor Collin Kriner distilled the interviews into concise arguments, and together the team crafted a poignant warning on a serious issue.

Client: The Risky Business Report
Agency: Citizen
Production Company: Unparalleled Productions
Director: Josh Murphy
Editor: Collin Kriner